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Community Action Publications
produces and distributes information that
empowers effective action on
environmental, health, and community issues.

Our information is available through our website, articles, talks, and more. We also offer speakers, trainers, and training design for classes and workshops on these topics.

Together, we are all making a difference!


"Social movements are humanity's immune response to
political corruption, economic disease, and ecological degradation."
Paul Hawken

(Quoted in Bioneers Voices, May 30, 2007 -

What's New at Community Action Publications (CAP)

* Peruse our tips for greening your holidays, to help create a healthier holiday season for all.

Check out our page full of green job leads, locally and beyond!

Patricia Dines' current writing - CAP President Patricia Dines offers ecological information, insights, and tips in various venues, including her Ask EcoGirl column and the Next STEP newsletter. Find out what info-dishes she's served recently!
* Lead Article: "Delighting in Our Delicious Local Farms" - The cover of the May West County Gazette features a lead article by Patricia Dines, "Delighting in Our Delicious Local Farms." Reader feedback has been enthusiastic and the issue is flying off newstands - with some places running out in just a few days!

* What the Latest News on Organics Really Means - Scary headlines and inaccurate articles are clouding consumers ability to understand what's really going on right now with organic standards. Look here to get the straight facts.

* Sebastopol Peak Oil Report Released - Patricia Dines was Executive Editor & Report Coordinator of the report,
"Charting a Path for a New Energy Future for Sebastopol," produced at the request of the Sebastopol City Council by the Citizens Advisory Group on Energy Vulnerability (CAGE). Now you can read what we reported!



Organized and Empowering Information about How You Can Create a Better World

Topics include: Pesticides, Toxics, & Alternatives * Organics* GMOs* Buying Local* Peak Oil * and more! All organized for easy access. Enjoy!



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