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Goddess book, front cover

The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess

Savor and share the enchanting magic
of this gorgeous, full-color, illustrated storybook --
for people of all ages!

Treat yourself to its sweet and unexpected healing journey.

Be inspired by the original artwork, and feel how it deepens the experience along the way.

Feel supported by the eternal universe, and connected to your divine center within.

Give it as a treasured keepsake gift!

You can buy this enchanting hardcover book directly from us, via Amazon, and at select stores. We can even mail it to your or your giftee directly!

Read more about the book below -- including seeing sample pages!

Soon you and others will be enjoying this delightful and nourishing story! 

BONUS: We also offer greeting cards and wall art featuring the beautiful original artwork from the book!

Audience Note: The Goddess is written for adults and older teens, and isn't specifically a children's book. However, we've heard from readers as young as nine who've loved it. And people are reading it to children of younger ages as well, perhaps over a few nights. (See sample pages below.)



The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess

A story from Spirit

For people of all ages

To soothe our sadness

And nurture our divine blossoming

Sample page 5

Once upon a time there was a goddess who forgot that she was a goddess.
(I mean, who could forget such a thing. But she did!)

She lived up high on a beautiful hill, but didn't see any of it, because of the sadness in her heart.

Until one day she received an unexpected invitation to go into the forest....

You're invited to join the goddess on her adventure
, and savor the enchanting story, inspired artwork, and weaving of playful and meaningful moments.

As her healing adventure unfolds, she connects with her hidden sadness, feels held by the universe, discovers her divine center, and joyfully joins the circle of hearts. You might find yourself feeling some of that too.

This high-quality hardcover book is beautifully illustrated with original inspired artwork, making it a delightful treat for yourself and a keepsake gift for others.

It indirectly and experientially touches on various themes, including the spiritual nurturing of nature, the empowering transformation of emotional healing, and the blessing of authentic divine connection between people.

It contains no particular religious dogma, making it appropriate for people on a wide range of spiritual paths, or none.

This tale can also be especially meaningful and healing for women and teenage girls, supporting our deep knowing of the divine beauty at our core.

Also, by the way -- it's wonderful to read this story aloud to others -- and have them read it to you!


I offer three options, since people have different tech.
I hope this gives you a feeling for the book's style and beautiful images.
Though of course nothing compares to the high-quality offset printing of the actual book!

Note: The book dimensions are an inviting 10.75" wide X 8.25" tall.

1) Goddess Book Sample Pages -- Flipbook
This option best gives you the experience of the book,
but can take a moment to open.

2) Goddess Book Sample Pages -- PDF version
You can see if this works better for you.

3) Goddess Book Sample Pages -- Some images are also shown below.

IT'S EASY TO GET YOUR VERY OWN COPY of The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess!

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Soon, you will be able to enjoy and share this wonderful story!



"This is more than a story to entertain.

This book is truly a gift to the world."

~ Paula Pearce, Author/Illustrator


Front and back covers
Goddess book, front cover

   Goddess book, back cover

Sample pages

Sample page

Sample page 5

Sample page 7
Sample page 9


And then what happens...? Get the book and find out!
Enjoy the journey of the goddess with her!

The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with artwork throughout
Available now
Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.75" wide X 8.25" tall
Pages 64

Author Patricia Dines

Patricia Dines is a professional writer, artist, graphic artist, public speaker, and community educator.
Over the past 30 years, she's written and presented a wide range of books, newsletters, articles, essays, classes, training materials, client projects, and more. (For more on this work, see

But the roots of this book go deeper than her professional path, into areas she shares less-often -- her precious lifelong relationship with the divine and its expression in the dimensional playground of nature. She says, "I am so deeply honored to be the carrier of this tale. I hope that it reminds you of your own core divinity, and brings you a taste of the sacred eternal."

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