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The Next STEP newsletter provides empowering information about how to avoid everyday toxics and choose healthier alternatives. It's your friendly guide to earth-healthy living!

Produced by citizen volunteers, this newsletter implements the Sebastopol Toxics Education Program (STEP), an innovative City program to reduce toxic use and exposure in Sebastopol, thus creating a healthier and safer town for everyone.

This newsletter is sent bi-monthly to all City residents in their water bills. It's also available online, and you can sign up to receive email alerts when new issues are posted. (Just email that request to STEP [at] For more about STEP, click here.


We want your feedback on The Next STEP newsletter. So each year, we include a yellow STEP survey card in every City water bill, to make it easy for you to share your thoughts. It's ideal if you can respond using that card.

However, if you can't find this original card, you can download a replacement card by clicking here:


Just print this file out, fill it in, and return it in your water bill. Or mail to: Sebastopol Toxics Education Program (STEP), P. O. Box 1776, Sebastopol CA 95473.

As another option, we've also included the text below, for you to print and send in the same way.

* IMPORTANT: If you respond by either of these alternative methods, it's ideal if you can please write "I am a Sebastopol resident" and include your name and address, so that your vote will count in the survey.

Thank you for your participation and assistance in creating The Next STEP newsletter as a community resource that serves local needs.

Best -

Patricia Dines
Editor, The Next STEP


We want to know what you think! Our mission with this project is to serve the community's needs &endash; including yours!

1. Do you find The Next STEP (TNS) newsletter helpful and interesting?

__ Yes __ It's OK __ No

2. Do you currently use pesticides in your home, garden, or work?

__ Yes __ No

3. Are these pesticides:

__ Natural/Non-toxic? __ Toxic? __ Both?

For what problem(s)?


4. Has TNS helped you avoid or reduce your use of toxics?

__ Yes __ No

Do any examples come to mind?



5. What information can we offer in TNS to help you reduce your toxic use?



6. Are you interested in joining our effort to make Sebastopol a healthier community? If so, please fill in below:

Name _________________________________________________________________________

Phone/Email _________________________________________________________________________

Simply return this in your water bill, or send to: Sebastopol Toxics Education Program (STEP), P. O. Box 1776, Sebastopol CA 95473.

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