Email Addresses for Political Action

For those of us who like to communicate by email, email addresses are like gold. Here's howyou can find some useful addresses to help you participate in your community and help create a better world. Let these folks know what you think (respectfully, of course)!

We've also included some other information here, so you can find out more about their positions and activities on issues of concern to you.

We hope you find this information to be useful.

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Let your elected representatives know your goals and concerns for this county.

The Supervisors' email addresses are at

You can find out your district by contacting the Registrar of Voters at (707) 565-6800.

For the current district boundaries, see


   Sonoma County Government


Send information and letters to the editor. (For best chance of publication, limit letters to 200 words.)

Press Democrat

The Bohemian (was Sonoma County Independent)

At their website, choose Contact at the bottom. This will give you a form to enter your message.



Let your elected representatives know your goals and concerns for this state and country.

* To find out who represents voters in your area, call your local Registrar of Voters with your street address. In Sonoma County, the Registrar is at (707) 565-6800.

* When sending an email to your representatives, they usually want you to include your street address, both to confirm that you are in their district and to be able to send you a reply.


Congresspeople Representing Your County at the California State Government

* To get a good estimate of your California Senate and Assembly representives, go to

* Learn more about current issues there at


Congresspeople Representing California at the Federal Level

Senator Barbara Boxer (D)
Representative, U.S. Congress, California State

Use "Contact Me" link on her website. (You could also try Senator@Boxer.Senate.Gov.)

Senator Diane Feinstein (D)
Representative, U.S. Congress, California State

Use "Send Dianne an Email" link on her website.

Other California and National Contact Information

Let these government officials know your goals and concerns for their areas of responsibility.

Governor of California This has an online form to email, plus phone and "snail mail" address.

President of the United States

www.whitehouse.govc/contact.This has an online form to email, plus phone and "snail mail" address.

Agriculture Secretary
US Department of Agriculture

(You could also try


For US Senate email addresses and websites, see <>. You can also try <>.

For additional government information, see our Government Resources page.


Thanks to the Town Hall Coalition for their input to this email address list.

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