About Community Action Publications

& How You Can Support Our Work for the Community

"When you start to be part of the solution,
the whole world gets to be a better place."

Howard B. Schiffer, President Vitamin Angel Alliance (www.vitaminangel.org)
(Quoted in Delicious Living, Dec. 2006, p54)

Community Action Publications (CAP) is a volunteer, community-supported organization.

We create and distribute helpful information
that empowers us all to create
a healthier, happier world.

Our special focus areas include:
* Reducing toxics and encouraging alternatives such as organics
* Supporting a proactive transition to more ecological energy sources and ways of living
* Empowering true democratic choice about our world and our future
* Nurturing healthy connections with our authentic selves, each other, our communities, and the natural world

We believe that we all can see ourselves and our world whole and beautiful. CAP helps us manifest that dream as our shared reality.

How do we act for a healthier, happier world?

By offering useful, practical, and empowering information on toxics and alternatives! This deepens people's understanding and empowers their effective action.

For instance, our avenues include:

* Creating and maintaining this website, with key information on our topic areas, conveniently organized so that it's easy for folks to find just what they seek. We do the research for you. This is so much faster than searching online and compiling it yourself!

* Creating and publishing quality useful articles that cheerfully present key information and actions folks can take in creating a healthier world.

* Creating and offering information handouts and reports, for folks to educate themselves and copy and use in their tabling, classes, etc.

* Offering talks, events, and classes, for instance on effective activism and living a less-toxic life.

* Providing useful quality information to journalists and individuals on these topics.

* Collaborating with other organizations towards our shared goals.

* Patricia Dines created CAP as a way for folks to contribute to our shared well-being. You can see more about her background and work at www.patriciadines.info/bio.html.
* You can read Patricia's past articles and writing at www.patriciadines.info and www.askecogirl.info.
* You can get on her low-volume writing announcement list (1-3 emails a month), and receive emails when her new print articles are published, at www.patriciadines.info/EList.
* Patricia is also the Editor and Lead Writer for The Next STEP newsletter. This periodical is a collaborative project between the City of Sebastopol and community volunteers. It's published six times a year, provides information about toxics and alternatives, to support readers in reducing their toxic use and explosure, and helping to create a healthier, less-toxic world for everyone. She does this work on a volunteer basis, to support her community. We also place supporting information for that project on this website. For more information about STEP, go to www.Healthyworld.org/STEPRecent.html.
* Connect with Patricia via Facebook, to show your support and get inspiring and useful eco-info in your Newsfeed, at www.facebook.com/AskEcoGirl.


We invest substantial amounts of time and expense to develop our quality useful information.

But we don't want money to keep people from accessing our information, so we often offer it for a low cost or often even free (like on this website!).

To make this work and continue doing this, we need the support of people like you! For instance, you can:

* Help spread the word about our work and website as a resource. You can tell your friends, put a link on your website, write articles, etc.

* Become an individual or business member of CAP. For more information, click here.

* Keep us informed about cool local eco-activities -- including yours'!

* Collaborate with us on your projects and ours'.

* Suggest other ways we can act together towards our shared goals.

* Volunteer, to increase what we can accomplish in our information gathering, presentation, and distribution. Even a few hours helps us out a lot! Use your skills and energy to help create a better world. For more ideas about our current needs and visions and how you can help, see www.healthyworld.org/volunteer.html.

Thank you for supporting our work for a healthier world for everyone!

We were touched to be honored by the Sebastopol City Council. For more information, click here.

Special thanks for the support of: 
Petaluma Progressives; Dianna and Bob Coulombe; the Santa Rosa Alliance for Democracy; Santa Rosa's Community Market; the Sonoma County Herb Association and Vivien Hillgrove; The Organic Wine Company; Pesticide Watch; Californians for Pesticide Reform; Nan Love; James Gleaves; Kat Decker; Gillet; Douglas Ovaitt; and all the other people, too many to name, who have supported our work and done great work of their own!
Together, we are making a better world!

Thanks very much to everyone for your generous and kind support!

Information courtesy of:

"Information Empowering Action for a Healthier World"


We hope this information (and our work) is valuable to you,
and supports the health and well-being of yourself,
your family, our community, and our world.
If it is, please let us know. It makes us happy to hear!

You can support our work and ensure that it continues. For instance, you can link to our site and let others know about it. Or become a CAP member! For more information, click on the "About CAP" button above.

If you find a broken link or outdated information, or want to suggest an addition or edit to this page, please let us know by emailing info[at]healthyworld.org. Please include both the webpage name and the relevant information.

Thank you to everyone who supports our ability to offer this information
to our community, for our planet!

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