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 Now offering our completely updated and significantly expanded Fifth Edition.

* Expanded to 192 pages - 72 more pages of delightful places and information.

* Over double the places to find organic food, wine, and more. This includes triple the farms, over double the restaurants, and substantially more wineries, annual events, local products, and lodging and retreat centers.

You could go to a restaurant a week and not visit them all in a year!

* Enhanced listings. Listings now reveal more about each place, while staying succinct, to make it even easier to identify places that meet your needs.

* Expanded restaurant listings. Each restaurant listing has at-a-glance icons and incredible details that indicate: how much organic produce they have, if the meat and poultry are organic or natural, what other organic ingredients they use, if the table water is filtered, what organic beverages they have, if they have takeout or catering, their relative price range, their style of cuisine and decor, and more!

* New articles on the national organic standards; Mendocino County's GMO-Free zone; buying organic and natural meat and poultry; including organic in your wedding, restaurant, and daily life; creating better pest control solutions, and so much more.

>> The Guide is all updated throughout, and incredibly well-organized, to make it easy for you to find what you seek &endash; and go straight to the fun part!

Guide listings include:
Farmers' markets,
Natural food stores,
Grocery stores,
(including many that do not advertise their use of organic!),
Wineries & Breweries,
Lodging and retreats,
Catering & meal delivery,
Specialty stores
(bakeries, coffee & tea shops, herb stores, natural clothing stores, natural household stores),
Nurseries, gardening, and landscaping,
Community gardens,
Local products
(oil, vinegar, dairy, meat and poultry, sea vegetables, clothing, health and beauty products, and more),
Pest control services,

Education (classes, tours, and degrees),
Groups & associations,
Festival services,
Eco-fuel stations!

Enrich your time in northern California by ordering this handy, unique Guide today!

Have fun while helping to create a
healthier, less-toxic world!


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If you're interested in area organics,
this book is for you.
There's no other resource like it.

Overflowing with information
that you just won't find online,
no matter how much time you spend looking.

This beautiful, well-organized, and unique resource book makes it incredibly easy for both locals and visitors to discover, enjoy, and support organics in northern California's Sonoma, Napa and Mendocino Counties ("Wine Country," just north of San Francisco).

We've done extensive primary research to find the essential information - including those hidden gems you'll find listed nowhere else. In these 192 pages, we've included everything you need to start your organic adventure right away, including:

(1) EXCITING ORGANIC PLACES. Discover the wonderful area places that offer delicious organic food, wine, and much more. You can look places up by category or by geographical area, using the handy overview map. Each category is comprehensive, so you have a good overview of what's available. Even long-time locals will discover many new delights! Plus we've distilled the key information about each place to make it easy for you to find places that meet your needs and style.

Listings for each place include:
* Organization name, address, phone number, and web address
* Hours and directions (so you don't have to call to find out!)
* A description of their offerings, with a taste of their style and personality
* Symbols to quickly find those offering products by Mail order or at Retail stores.
In addition:
* Each winery listing also includes a list of varietals that they offer. With our varietal cross-reference, it's easy to find the wineries that offer your favorites!
* Each restaurant listing has at-a-glance icons and incredible details that make it easy to find places that meet your needs. Information includes: how much organic produce they have, if the meat and poultry are organic or natural, if the fish is wild, what other ingredients are organic, if the table water is filtered, what organic beverages they have, if they have takeout or catering, their relative price range, their style of cuisine and decor, and more!

(2) EMPOWERING INFORMATION. Find out what's going on with today's food and farms, and how we can all tangibly and easily help create a better world for ourselves, our children, and other beings around the globe.

Information includes:
* What does organic mean exactly? (including information about the national organic standards)
* Why people value organic
* The true costs of pesticide use
* The hidden costs of long-distance industrial food
*Tangible concrete actions you can do to help create a healthier world.
* Buying from local farmers (including information about CSAs)
* School and community gardens
* Connecting to our local natural ecosystems
* Community action: Mendocino County & GMO-free zones
* Extensive resources, with descriptions, to support your continued explorations.

(3) NOURISHING INSPIRATION. Connect with the local people who are joining together to nurture our precious earth, celebrate local ecosystems, and joyfully weave healthy community.

(4) CONVENIENT & EASY ACCESS. Get all this great information in one handy, well-organized book that's easy to take with you on the road.

In short, the Guide makes it easy for you to explore, enjoy, and support area organics. It's also a thoughtful gift, and a good way to bring your loved ones into the nourishing world of organics.

Plus, all proceeds from the Guide project support our volunteer, community-supported group and our work for a healthier, less-toxic world for everyone.

Get a copy today -- for yourself, or a friend.

The Guide is available at area stores for just $14.95. Or you can order it by sending $16.45 ($17.65 for California residents, with sales tax) to the address below and indicating "Fifth Edition." For more information on both these options, click on the buttons below.

We've done the research for you!     


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A big thank you to everyone in the community who supports this project, especially our Guide Sponsors: CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers), Community Market, Mendocino Cafe, and Whole Foods.

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