Green Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Do you want to use your time and energy to support a better, healthier world?
Below are some opportunities to do just that! Please contact the listed organizations directly to get more information about their available positions. You can also look for organizations doing the work you want to do and see if they have job opportunities available. You never know what opportunity you'll find!

Does your organization need help and work in our focus areas?
If so, please email the information to <info[at]> for possible inclusion on this page. Put "CAP Site/Job Leads" in the subject line. We're primarily focused on the United States, especially northern California.

Note: Volunteers are needed at most organizations, so if you like what an organization is doing, most will be quite pleased if you ask how you can help. Volunteering is a great way to help them reach their goals for the benefit of the community, while letting you connect with people that share your values and concerns, and learn about issues that matter to you. It can often also be easy and fun!

And, if you do want a job in this arena, volunteering can provide you with valuable experience, skills, knowledge, credentials, and contacts. Most community-oriented organizations work on very small budgets and volunteers are usually vital to make their work possible.

You might also be interested in this Ask EcoGirl column that I wrote:

February 2009: Pursuing Your Green Job Dreams

Green jobs are increasingly being discussed in books, magazines, even President Obama's economic stimulus plan. And, yes, by bringing together economic, ecological, and employment objectives, we can address multiple problems at once -- if we pay attention to the details. So, how can a job-seeker skillfully align with these trends, while avoiding the pitfalls?

Please let me know if this page helped your search - or if you have suggested additions or edits to this page. Just email me at <info [at]>, putting "CAP jobs page" in the subject line.

Thanks, and happy hunting!

- Patricia Dines, Eco-Writer, President of CAP


"Go Green With Your Career"

"Green career options exist in nearly every business sector, but choosing the right eco-friendly career path can be challenging. has created a new guide that offers strategic avenues to blend a person's innate strengths with his or her sustainability objectives."


Sonoma County Conservation Action, Santa Rosa CA

Sonoma County's largest environmental organization regularly hires (paid) Field Organizers for their outreach staff. For more information, contact the group via

Sierra Club, San Francisco CA

To find out about the Sierra Club's current job opportunities in assorted U.S. locations, go to Also remember to contact your local Sierra Club to see how you can participate and assist with local activities (usually on a volunteer basis).

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), San Francisco CA

PAN is "looking for people who share a commitment to environmental and social justice issues and a special interest in pesticide reform" as interns. "Interns work with program staff, conducting research, analysis and outreach for specific projects and campaigns, as well as promoting PANNA's mission of making the world a more healthy and just place by replacing pesticides with ecologically sound alternatives. Some concrete benefits include: Experience in the non-profit world ... Experience with pesticide-related issues ... Project guidance and support ... Full access to our resources ... A way to publish your work ... Receive college credit ... Flexible schedule ... Transportation stipend"

"Our projects and needs change frequently." Current projects include: "International pesticide issues ...Health & environmental impacts ...Genetic Engineering/Agricultural Biotechnology ...Workers' rights ...Latin America ...Organic cotton ...California pesticide use reduction ...Communications and Media ...GIS Mapping ...Web and other Internet projects"

They also sometimes have other job openings. For more detailed information, including qualifications and application procedure, see this page

Greenbelt Alliance, San Francisco CA

"Greenbelt Alliance protects open space and promotes livable communities in the San Francisco Bay Area." For current job and volunteer opportunities, see

Environmental Working Group, San Francisco CA; Seattle WA; Washington DC

"The Environmental Working Group (EWG) is an environmental and public health watchdog group that conducts computer investigations into the toxics in food, air and water - as well as the influence peddling that worsens these problems. EWG's mission is to equip people with information so they can be engaged environmental citizens. EWG is a 501 (c)(3) organization with offices in Washington, DC, San Francisco, and Seattle."

BlueGreen Alliance

"A national partnership of America's largest labor unions and environmental organizations. We work together to turn today's biggest environmental challenges into our biggest economic and job-creating opportunities. Together, with 15 million members and supporters, we are a powerful, unified voice calling for good, family-sustaining jobs, a clean environment, and a thriving and fair American economy." For more information on their job and internship opportunities, see

Seed Savers Echange, Iowa

Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization that is saving "heirloom" (handed-down) garden seeds from extinction. SSE has some openings on this summer's garden crew at Heritage Farm.  Duties involve growing several acres of heirloom vegetables (up to 2,000 varieties) and other special gardens.  The positions are full-time, probably from late-May until sometime in October. For information on applying and timing see

Public Interest Research Groups (PIRGs), All states

The Public Interest Research Groups are state-based advocates for the public interest. "When consumers are cheated, or our natural environment is threatened, or the voices of ordinary citizens are drowned out by special interest lobbyists, the state PIRGs speak up."

For instance, "the California Public Interest Research Group (CALPIRG) is a non-profit public interest organization dedicated to preserving the environment, protecting consumers and holding government accountable to the public interest. Founded in 1972, CALPIRG has over 60,000 members and maintains 15 field offices across the state.

"In response to the rapid proliferation of toxic chemicals into our urban and natural environments, the CALPIRG Toxics Program strives to reduce toxic chemical use and release, protect Californians' right to know about toxic chemical exposures, cleanup hazardous waste sites and compensate victims of chemical contamination. The CALPIRG Toxics Program brings research, coalition building, policy analysis, advocacy, public education and media outreach to these efforts."

Information about jobs at all PIRGs are at CALPIRG (California PIRG) is at (415) 292-1487. They say, "There are jobs, and there are jobs that matter."

Links to websites with environmental jobs and careers - Assorted


* - "Green Dream Jobs" and internships with sustainable businesses and organizations -

* Environmental Jobs Directory - great list of green job websites -

* Environmental Education jobs -

* Green Jobs Network - has a directory of job boards and other resources

* - "Latest stories in green jobs" -

Idealist website, a project of Action Without Borders

Online listings of nonprofit/volunteer employment opportunities from 15,000 organizations in 130 countries. Also lists other information about the organizations, such as publications they offer, breaking news, etc. And it links to a whole bunch of other general job sites. Free to users.

Environmental Jobs and Careers website

E Jobs links to environmental opportunities in the USA and Canada.

Green Careers, Mill Valley, CA

This consulting practice assists people "in aligning their ecological values with their work" so they can "enjoy a satisfying professional career in tune with sustaining life on our beautiful planet."

More Leads

* Environmental education programs in Marin. Explore these to find possible groups with openings.

General Job Postings Website

This page has a helpful listing of general job posting sites, with descriptions and link.

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