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Why do we eat food? Because it's that time of day again? Or because food is necessary for life?

The quality of our food strongly impacts our well-being and the well-being of our world, either negatively or positively. So much illness or health - at all levels - starts with what we choose to eat.

Individually and collectively, we can either chase after the many predictable health and environmental problems that come from our use of billions of pounds of toxic pesticides -
or we can create good health and well-being from the start.

Many farmers, consumers, and policy makers are seeing the wisdom of the latter path.
By facing the true harm of pesticides and choosing alive organic foods,
we can all help create a healthier, less-toxic world for everyone.

Why would we choose anything else?

To make it easy for you to find out more and take constructive action, we've gathered together our favorite information, links, and resources!

Preventing the Harm of Toxic Pesticides

Knowledge is power. This section offers information on the specific ways that we're all being involuntarily exposed to toxic pesticides throughout our lives, and how we can help protect ourselves and others from this harm.

Supporting Organic Food & Agriculture

How can you support the dream of non-toxic food and agriculture? This section explores what organic is, how it provides us all with a superior option (for ourselves and our world), and ways that you can find and nurture organics, and thus be part of the solution.

Nurturing a Healthy Food Supply & Environment

Better understand the threats to our health through our food and environment, and what we can do to prevent them.
Resources Page - Toxics & Alternatives
Resources Page - Sonoma County

Tracking Key World Issues

See the bigger picture with information articles grouped in these categories - Peak Oil • Health • Local • Alternative Energy • Climate Change • The State of America & The World
Green Jobs & Volunteer Opportunities
Your work can help create a better world for everyone! Check out this page for leads on green jobs and volunteer opportunities with CAP and other organizations.
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