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We're delighted to share our beautiful and inspiring hardcover book, "
The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess. This sweet spiritual storybook is for people of all ages, to soothe our sadness and nurture our divine blossoming.

We have lots of great tips for greening your holidays! First, you can peruse Patricia Dines' current and past Ask EcoGirl columns, at We also have lots of great ideas at We hope that you have fun exploring and find useful ideas. And please share your own tips with us as well. We love hearing other people's success stories.

May we all help create happy holidays for all!

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Patricia Dines' current writing - CAP President Patricia Dines offers ecological information, insights, and tips in various venues, including the Next STEP newsletter and her Ask EcoGirl column. Find out what info-dishes she's served recently!

What the Latest News About Organics Really Means - Scary headlines and inaccurate articles are clouding consumers ability to understand what's really going on right now. Click here to get the straight facts.

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We Had Fun at the Harmony Festival

CAP President Patricia Dines was part of the Global Cooling Forum at the Harmony Festival, Sunday June 10, at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa. What fun to connect with people there and throughout this (wonderful!) festival!

The Festival is held annually and has lots of fun people, information, products, music, and more. They call it "Northern California's Premier Music, Camping & Sustainable Lifestyle Festival." It's offerings include "World Class Music & Speakers on multiple stages for 3 Days and 3 Nights of Entertainment, Arts, Ecology& Healthful Living." This year's theme was "Promoting Global Cooling." For more information, see .
Here are a few pics of the forum!


Cover of report

Sebastopol Peak Oil Report Released

CAP President Patricia Dines was Executive Editor & Report Coordinator of the report, "Charting a Path for a New Energy Future for Sebastopol." This report was produced, at the request of the Sebastopol City Council, by the Citizens Advisory Group on Energy Vulnerability (CAGE). The goal was to help the City explore how to maintain public services in the face of anticipated significant energy supply shortfalls (aka peak oil). Sebastopol was one of the world's first cities to take formal public action to explore this issue (just as it was one of the first U.S. cities to commit to reducing greenhouse gas emissions).

CAGE spent over a year in focused research and analysis, understanding the facts and possible scenarios, exploring innovative and realistic ways to approach these issues, and understanding the workings of Sebastopol's operations. The resulting report was presented to the City Council by Ms. Dines on April 3, 2007. All Councilmembers was warmly appreciative of the quality of the information and usefulness of the report.

Click here to see an article Ms. Dines wrote to summarize this project. This includes a link to the final report.

>> How you can support this project! Let the City Councilmembers know that you encourage them to implement the report's recommendations. These forward-thinking actions take investments of time, money, and energy. They need to know that local folks think this is important to do. You can also encourage other towns to look at this report for ideas about what they can do in their town.

Thank you to everyone in CAGE and beyond who contributed to this report's successful completion, and to the Sebastopol City Council for seeking to look forward and act proactively in the best interests of the community.  

Patricia Dines picture

Patricia's Bio Webpage
Find out more about CAP Founder and President Patricia Dines.


Support the U.S. national organic standards!

* These standards offer consumers a consistent legal definition of organics across the United States. (Unlike words without a legal definition, like green, natural, and sustainable, which have become less reliable for consumers because they can be abused.) National standards mean that wherever you go, you know what organic means. How grateful we are that we have an option to toxic agriculture!

* These standards also show what we together can create. The community created the vision of organics, as a viable option to the destructive path of pesticides and industrial agriculture. This is a grassroots success story!

* Now we can build on this accomplishment - spreading organics to more and more farmers, producers, and consumers. And adding other values to the mix - like choosing to support local organics and small farms - both for their delicious offerings, and to ensure they're there for us long into the future.

* We need to support those organizations that are watchdogging the regulations, to ensure that organic standards stay strong. We've shown our power to do this in the past. Let's continue to do so!

For more information on the standards and what's next in organics, click here.

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