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Welcome to my EcoNews Blog! Here I offer excerpts of key articles that help shine a light on vital current issues. This makes it easy for you to keep informed, without reading all that I do on these topics. I especially cover these topics: the environment, peak oil, global warming, personal and community health, toxics, organics, true democracy, and building community. If an item interests you, just click on the link to get more information. Plus I include a little personal commentary along the way!  

>> WHO AM I? I'm a professional writer specializing in environmental issues. I do this blog as a free community service to support folks in being part of the solution and helping to create a better world. I hope this helps you keep up with key items in the news - and in seeing behind the headlines to the under-reported facts and underlying trends.

Please let me know if you read this and find it valuable. That encourages me to continue this effort!

May this blog serve our shared wishes for a healthier world for all.

* Feel free to skim, to those articles that interest you most!
* These stories (with excerpted text) are selected from a variety of news sources around the country and the world and are presented for educational purposes only.
* Sometimes pages will expire. I don't keep checking the links on this page. If you find an expired link, just Google a unique phrase in the article to see if there's another copy online.
* For information organized by topic, about these core topics and related key issues, see <>. For more about my community service group, Community Action Publications, see <>.

"Social movements are humanity's immune response to
political corruption, economic disease, and ecological degradation."
Paul Hawken

(Quoted in Bioneers Voices, May 30, 2007 -



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