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> Patricia Dines, Author & Illustrator of
The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess

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Ways that you can support this project

I invite you to support this project of my heart and soul. Even small actions by you can make a big difference for me.

For instance you might:

* Share information about the Goddess book with friends and allies. For instance, you can send a link to my main Goddess page (www.healthyworld.org/GoddessBook) or my press release email (www.healthyworld.org/GoddessBookM6.html). My history of emails and announcements is on my Media page.

* Buy books and cards for yourself and as gifts, ideally before the end of the year.

* Post your compliments about the Goddess book on its page on Amazon.com. This can really help folks discover the book!

* Send me a selfie of you (or your giftee) happy with the Goddess book; it makes me happy to see!

* Encourage newspapers and magazines to recommend the book, especially as a holiday gift.

* Suggest that appropriate stores carry the books and cards for the holiday season.

* Invite me to do a reading of some or all of the book for your store, group, or upcoming gathering.

* Connect with me, and Like, my writers' Facebook page at www.facebook.com/PatriciaDinesWriter.

* Share your feedback with me about my books and art cards.

* Or ... invent or suggest something else! :-)

Thank you so much as always to everyone for your support of this project! I am so honored to be the carrier of this story. I feel incredibly blessed.

Many blessings to all --

Patricia Dines
Freelance Writer, Editor, Educator, & Public Speaker



The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with artwork throughout

Available now
Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.5" wide X 8" tall
Pages 64

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