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* Give The Goddess to yourself and others! The Goddess book makes a beautiful, meaningful, and treasured keepsake gift. And maybe get one for yourself too, to nurture and empower yourself with divine sweetness!

* The Goddess book (and art greeting cards) are also at local stores. Savor the beauty of both at stores in Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Cotati, Occidental, Ukiah, and Mt. Shasta.

* You're invited to help support this project of divine heart and soul. Even small actions by you can make a big difference! So, for instance, you can help spread the word about the book and the holiday sale, share your recommendation feedback with us or on Amazon, encourage an article in local media, and more!

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Patricia Dines, the book's author and illustrator, is also available for book readings and signings. For more information, and to make arrangements, please contact us at info [at] healthyworld.org. We'll also send announcements about scheduled events to our email list.



The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with artwork throughout

Available now
Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.75" wide X 8.25" tall
Pages 64

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