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Goddess book, front cover


"The Goddess story is beyond-words fabulous. I was totally hooked. It feels intimate to the level of the soul. I want to read it again and again.

"And then to see how the story came through you, to emerge as a true divine experience, gave me goose bumps.

"This story is more than a story to entertain. It gives insight to the core of us as divine creatures. Thank you is an understatement.

"This book is truly a gift to the world."

~ Paula Pearce, Author & Illustrator, Saving Walter

"Your story really resonated with me. People should hear it. It's very healing."

~ Michelle at Bioneers, Oct. 21, 2016

"I got my hands on your Goddess book at Community Market and really enjoyed it. The artwork and how you chose it is an amazing story in itself! A lovely book!"

~ Karin Lease

New"Your Goddess book has a message I resonate with, and am glad to be supporting by carrying in my store. I can imagine reading it to my granddaughter.  Beautiful work. It really touched me. I had a hard time not crying!"

~ Edith Lucas, Dragon's Lair, Ukiah California

"Dear Patricia --

"I heard back from my friend who I gave your book as a gift. She said that she read it with her husband, each taking turns reading it to each other, and it made them both cry (in a good way). You made a difference in their lives. And they may end up buying it for someone else too.

"It made me feel good to have given it to her. This is a person who matters to me, a dear friend and co-worker. It was an impromptu purchase, not for an occasion, and I wanted it to mean something to her, not just go on a shelf.

"This book made a difference for my friend because of all your work creating it. The artwork is beautiful and flows with the story. Congratulations and thank you!"

~ Janie Frigault

"Great gift book, I've read and enjoyed it many times

"I bought this wonderful book as a birthday gift for my 14-year old daughter. It's become one of my favorite books, and I've read it many times. The wonderful illustrations are a perfect match for the story.

As a man, it's great to read something with a goddess focus I can still relate to and enjoy."

~ James Gleaves

"Patricia! Your Goddess book arrived Tuesday this week, and I stopped everything and devoured it! What a sweet and beautiful book.

"It brought back a lot of the feelings I had when I was a child. I feel as if you have known me since my early childhood. I started being a caregiver at the age of nine, with lots of responsibility for my two younger siblings -- then wondered why I became a registered nurse. It wasn't until I joined a circle of Goddess worshipers that I found answers to the questions I carried for so long -- like on page 29 of your book.

"I know someone else who definitely needs the book. Her adult life has been a struggle with believing in herself.

"And I can hardly wait until my 5 year old granddaughter is a couple of years older so that I may read it to her, and give her one to have.

"Thank you for being you, a writer and an artist, and for being the creator of this lovely loving book. It will fill the cells of so many with the love you describe."

~ M. Justine Foster

"An instant classic."
~ Russell Kellner

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The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with artwork throughout
Available now
Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.5" wide X 8" tall
Pages 64

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