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The Goddess Book Donation Program

* An easy way for people in need to receive The Goddess' healing magic. *

You're invited -- to donate books to people in need -- and/or suggest groups that receive donations!

PROJECT VISION: To have this magical story nourish people who can't necessarily buy it themselves. I know that this story has healing power What a difference it could make in their lives at a critical time!

For instance, can you imagine a woman, finding herself in a woman's shelter, feeling so low about herself and life? We all know those feelings of dark times.

Then she discovers this Goddess book on the shelter's shelves. As she pages through the beauty of its pages, she feels its sweet and nurturing story touch something deep within her.

Could it perhaps help her feel loved by the Divine and a little more connected to her divine core? What difference might that make on her life journey and what she does next?

This is not just theory! See the real life example below.

WHO I'D LOVE TO RECEIVE DONATIONS: I'm especially looking for nonprofits with a reference library who serve people in need, such as women's shelters, homeless shelters, recovery centers, and bookmobiles. And I'm open to other ideas!

Others have already donated books, and I've donated some books myself.
But I wanted to invite others to join in the fun, so we can reach more people!

Read below for more about how you can play.





> Just email us at the address below. Let us know why you think you're a match and what you'd do with the book.

> Just email us the group's information at the address below. Let us know why you think you're a match, and if there's a specific person you suggest contacting there.

> Just click on this link to easily donate Goddess books to people in need -- at the notably discounted rate of $14 per book total. This amount just covers my basic direct costs for the book and shipping! I take care of all the legwork of finding appropriate groups, identifying their needs, and getting the books to them. And if you donate five or more books, it's only $11 each!

Click here to easily donate!
(This service can take a minute to load.)

* If you want, you can suggest a group or category for your book to go to.
* The book/s will be given in your name (or anonymous, if you prefer).
* We'll get a donation receipt and send it to you, if you'd like.

More information
* As we donate books through this program, we will continue updating the information below!
* Our email address is -- donations [at] healthyworld [dot] org.
* To read more about the book, see About Book.

A REAL LIFE EXAMPLE. This is not just theory. One ally sent a copy of The Goddess to her pen pal in a women's prison. Surely folks in such a setting would be too tough to want such a sweet story, right?


But the woman inmate wrote back:

"I read the book twice and I love it. It is a healing book. The author did an awesome job.

I also passed it around to the women on the pod to read; they all loved it.

So it has already touched a lot of lives. I thank you for getting it for all of us."

About two weeks later, the inmate wrote again, "Yes everyone loves the book. :-) It is being read all over the yard -- 1,400 inmates."

Can you imagine, one book, being able to connect with that many people!

In sharing this, my ally added, "I think this is amazing. Your book is creating ripples already. Can we create some more?"

Then she asked her pen pal if any inmates would like to send books to their children, as her Christmas gift. Eight mothers accepted that offer and we sent them out!

She heard back that they too were delighted at the gift of The Goddess.

And I had so much joy from being part of getting this book to more people that it could serve!


(Identified so far. Your suggestions for recipients are most welcome!)

* Women’s Cancer Resource Center
, East Bay, CA. Nonprofit
that helps women with cancer improve their quality of life through education, supportive services, and practical steps. Seeks to change the course of cancer in our community. www.wcrc.org 


* Woman in prison.
(Gift by Anonymous)

* Eight children of eight women in prison. (Donation by Anonymous)

* Free Bookmobile of Sonoma County, two books.
(Donation by Anonymous)  www.freebookmobile.org

* The Sitting Room, Rohnert Park, one book. Community library featuring women's issues and achievements. (Donation by Patricia Dines) www.sittingroom.org

* Secret Santa, Sonoma County. Provides holiday gifts to children, teens, adults, and seniors who would otherwise not have one. (Donation by Patricia Dines) www.secretsantanow.org 

* Two Sonoma County women who lost their homes to the Oct. fires, and loved the book. A book to each. It's now the first book in their new libraries.
(Donation by Patricia Dines)


The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with artwork throughout

Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.75" wide X 8.25" tall
Pages 64


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