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Dear therapists, counselors, and healers —

I’m delighted to let you know about my gorgeous, enchanting, and healing Goddess storybook.

And I invite you to consider how it might support and augment your work with clients.

For instance, therapists have been delighted to be able to refer clients to this book -- to support their healing process, and bring it deeper into their bodies. 

Other healers have a stack book postcards -- or copies of the book -- in their offices, to share with clients. The book is also a great resource to offer support groups. (Note: I'm available to give readings from the story to groups in northern California!)

I've been so moved to hear from readers how this story has deeply touched and nourished them -- and I love being part of bringing that into their lives, and into the healing community.

•  •  •  •  •  •

The name of my book is … "The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess"!
(I mean, how could she forget such a thing? But she did!)

This beautiful, full-color, hardcover storybook brings readers of all ages on a sweet, authentic, and personal healing journey.
Every page is illustrated with my own original intuitive artwork.

“A lovely book!

There is so much of what I call practical magic
in its sweet message.

I will be using this as a healing tool
in my work with clients.

Its journey deep into our inner goddess’
intuitive knowing
serves our very human condition
in very real ways!

You show a beautiful path into self-love
for those who have been blocked
to their own unique value and divinity.

I love that this connection with our true divine nature
is revealed through direct connection
with our beloved earth.”

~ Susan Kistin, Marriage & Family Therapist,
Co-founder Earthways

• • • • • •

“Everyone feels ordinary, but wants to be special.

This book helps them realize they can be special --
and in fact they already are -- 
and encourages them to
realize their spiritual potential.

This book is an instant classic.”

~ R. Kellner, Reader

Sample page 5

This inspiring high-quality book is written for adults and teens ... though I've seen children as young as 9 years old choose it, and some parents are reading it to younger children.

The story has no religious dogma, making it appropriate for people on any spiritual path, or none. It's especially empowering for women and teen girls ... though men say they feel nurtured by the tale too!

I hope that you'll consider sharing it with your clients, colleagues, and others in your circle!

You and others can get the book in select stores. Or, when people order from me directly, they can get autographed copies -- and quantity discounts!
So you can buy a bunch at a great price -- and share the healing!

Folks also love sharing the book with others as special nurturing and meaningful gifts!

•  •  •  •  •  •

This book can be appropriate for people working on issues such as
depression, low self-esteem, abuse and trauma, addiction recovery, and spiritual crisis and yearning. Specifically:

Depression If your client is feeling sad, isolated, disconnected from beauty, disassociated, maybe cut-off from their feelings -- this book can offer them the feeling of being held and soothed by eternal love, as a support to their healing process.
Low self-esteem If they’re feeling core shame and worthlessness -- this book can help them feel held, seen, and affirmed for the divinity at their core.
Abuse and trauma
If they've experienced abuse and trauma -- this book can help them peel back the toxic imprinting to recover the divine self that they always were.
Addiction Recovery If they’re recovering from addiction -- this book can give them the experience of a successful healing journey, inspiring hope for their own successful journey.
Spiritual crisis & yearning If they’re feeling disconnected from the divine life force, by whatever name -- this book can help them experientially reconnect to that sweet eternal flow.

•  •  •  •  •  •

Cultures around the world and throughout our history have long understood that well-designed stories can reach people in different and deeper ways than ideas and thoughts.

And so, just by entering this tale, readers can experience the main character's healing process as their own! We join the sweet but sad goddess high up a hill, hear her receive an unexpected call to go into the forest, recognize her original resistance, experience her journey down into the forest, and feel seen and loved by the divine eternal just as she is -- for her pure beauty at her core. After this deep healing, we then feel her profound joy as she returns in that state of being back into healthy community.

And through this journey -- she finds the place where all hearts joyfully join together in the mystery -- and knows that she is worthy of it!

Don't we all need a little of that sometimes -- especially during these challenging times?

One reader described their experience as -- “Hey, if she could find the divine in herself, I can too. If she can get back on track, maybe I can too."

•  •  •  •  •  


* An experience of healing through beauty and connection with nature
* A spiritual journey not tied to a particular religion
* A woman-centered story that's based on feelings not violence
* An illustration of an emotional healing and transformational process
* A model and imprinting of how it feels to move forward constructively
* A knowing of the blessing of authentic divine connection between people


* LEARN MORE! Click here to read more about this Goddess book, including seeing sample pages.

* HEAR WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK! Click here to peruse more feedback and testimonials from readers, stores, and opinion leaders.

* GET YOUR VERY OWN COPIES! Click here to find out how to order The Goddess online, find it at select stores, ask stores to order it, and more!
Also -- when you order from my online store -- you can also get quantity discounts and autographed copies. Buy a bunch, at a good price -- and share the healing!

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* WRITE A BLURB! I also invite you to share your experience of this book with me, especially from a healer's perspective. (You can email me at the address below.)

* SHARE YOUR THOUGHTS! I invite you to email me your feedback on this page.  It's a new creation, and I hope that it helps show healers how this book can support their work and their clients!

Many blessings to all --

Patricia Dines
Freelance Writer, Graphic Artist, Artist, & Public Speaker

Email address: pd [at] healthyworld [dot] org


Author/Illustrator Patricia Dines
Patricia Dines
At Book Blessing Circle

The Goddess Who Forgot That She Was a Goddess                                   
Written & Illustrated by Patricia Dines
Full color with original artwork throughout

Available now
Retail price $24.95
ISBN: 978-0-9700941-4-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2015921339
Dimensions 10.75" wide X 8.25" tall
Pages 64

"I am so deeply honored to be the carrier of this tale.
I hope that it reminds us all of our own core divinity,
and brings us a taste of the sacred eternal."

~ Patricia Dines

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