About Our Organic Guidebooks!
Our vision is that all San Francisco Bay Area agriculture will go organic - with diverse crops, plenty of small farms, and rich wild areas - creating a healthier, less-toxic world for us all!

Our volunteer, community-supported group has created two guidebooks to make it incredibly easy
for both locals and visitors to explore and enjoy Bay Area organics:

The Organic Guide to Sonoma, Napa, and Mendocino Counties (aka Wine Country!)


The Organic Guide to San Francisco

Organic Guide to San Francisco

Buy these Guides for yourself, as a beautiful and thoughtful gift, for use in your business or organization, or to sell through your store. Then use these books in your work and play - to have fun, nurture yourself, and help create a healthier agriculture for us all!

The Organic Guide is intentionally designed for everyone from the Organic Curious to the Organic Expert, with key information distilled and organized in a thoughtful, easily-accessible way. Through extensive primary research, we've found many places that aren't advertising that are organic. Even long-time locals devoted to organics will find many new places to explore. Plus we ask the tough questions, to find out what they offer that's organic, and present this to our readers in a handy, portable format. We call it nutrient-dense information - to empower a healthier world for all!

The Guides are available at area stores or by mail order. For mail order, we can even include a gift card from you! And we have offer quantity discounts. More information on the Guides is below.

"Thank you for the Guide. It's the best one yet!" (Scott Young, Alvarado St. Bakery)
"I am so impressed and delighted with the Guide. All your efforts SO paid off! All the mental and physical work and your vision resulted in an informative, convenient, interesting, educational, inspiring publication. I will be ordering some to give as gifts and will be telling everyone I know to pick up a copy. Thanks again for all your hard work!"  (Terri Toso, Napa Valley Botanicals)
"Thank you so much for all of your amazing creativity and work!" (Jane Lorand, Breadstone)

You can also help support this project by letting others know that these unique and valuable resources are available. You can put a link to us on your website, put a blurb in your newsletter, or ask us for information cards that you can have at your next tabling event. We also invite you to join as an individual or business member.

Thank you for your support of our project to support local organics. Together, we really do make dreams come true!

** For more information about the Sonoma+ edition of the Guide, click here.

** For more information about the San Francisco edition of the Guide, click here.

** We offer quantity discounts! Order both Guides for yourself or a friend. Or multiple copies for your school or organization! For ordering information, click here.  
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Review of The Organic Guide in the Press Democrat

Thank you to Sara Peyton for helping spread the word about The Organic Guide! The Guide was reviewed in the Sun. 6/26/05 issue of The Press Democrat and she did a good job of talking about the story and features of the Guide. We're glad you like the book!

For the full review, see <www.northbay.com/entertainment/books/review.cfm?ID=2228>.

The Organic Guides make great gifts - for friends, family, allies, employees, and more! You can give a gift that shares your interests and values, while supporting your friends and family in deepening their understanding and being empowered to help create a healthier, more sustainable world. All this in one beautiful, reasonably-priced package!


Do you know a group, store, resource, story, or information that we should consider putting in the Guides? Do you want to know more about how your store can be in the Guides? Just click here for more information about how to pass that information along and help enhance future editions. The community's input has been invaluable in creating the Guides!



We're open to creating such Guides - for areas that have as many organic treasures as those above. Please contact us if:

* What other area(s) you'd want a Guide for;

* What other area(s) have wonderful organic treasures; and/or

* You or your organization would like to ally with us in creating a Guide for your area, sharing appropriate credit, etc.

Thanks for your assistance. Community support is indeed what makes our work possible!


Thanks for your interest in the Guide!

We hope our efforts support your organic adventures - and a less-toxic world!

If you have any further questions, comments, or requests, please email info[at]healthyworld.org.

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